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In today’s world, ‘fat’ is the new ‘ugly’, or in other words if you are fat you are invariably tagged ugly. With ‘Subway’, ‘Dominos’, ‘McDonalds’, ‘KFC’ coming up in every corner, it becomes increasingly difficult to hold the taste buds and the scales. Obesity today is a disease and a long tiring fight waits.

weightlossmen Weight Loss Tips For MenBody weight depends on two factors:
1. Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR): which is the energy needed to maintain the bodily functions
2. Physical activity

In general terms, the BMR of men is more than that in women. But the middle age pot-belly is what most men want to avoid. There are some very easy to follow weight loss tips for men to help you regain that beautiful body.

  • Foremost cut down on your diet. Do not gorge. Divide your meals and have 6-8 small meals instead of 4 large ones. Avoid fried food and watch your calories. Do not snack between meals and have the agenda of eating only when you are hungry.
  • Exercise right. Quick weight loss techniques must be avoided because they burn muscle, not fat which in turn can show down weight loss in the long run. Do not be disheartened if after long hours in the gym the weighing scale shows your same weight. Have faith and continue your regime.
    Enroll yourself in a club to enjoy all the facilities like a tennis session or the pool. Swimming is considered one of the most effective weight loss techniques.
  • Park your car at the other side of the parking lot and go for a power walk to your destination.
  • Avoid the lift as much as possible.

Consider an all natural colon cleanse to help flatten belly bloat. Cleansing the colon with fiber is an easy, natural way to make the most of your weight-loss efforts. Fiber also has the added benefits of reducing cholesterol and high blood pressure.

So, be healthy and follow these steps to lead a wonderfully ‘light’ life.

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postheadericon Examination of Healthy Foods

Healthy foods have generally been taken to mean foods that form a healthy diet. This is certainly not true. On the contrary, healthy foods are particular foods that have been identified to have additional health benefits apart from being important part of healthy nutrition. Healthy foods are generally made up of natural foods, organic foods and supplements. They have the effect of reducing risk of disease or in the management of health condition(s).

The importance of healthy foods cannot be underrated. They are recognized and regulated by health authorities in different jurisdictions. In the USA for example, Food and Drug administration is responsible for regulating the labeling, advertising and sale of the same. The following are some of health foods that are helpful in reducing the risk of disease and managing health conditions:

7 300x214 Examination of Healthy Foods

Spices – Spices are traditionally used to give flavor to other foods. Spices have been established to contain disease-fighting components. Regularly eating a diet rich in spices does not only prevent the occurrence of disease but also fight any disease with the body. Chilli, cumin and garlic are just some of the common spices.

Vegetables – Different varieties of vegetables are widely available. Cauliflower, cabbages, carrots, kale and spinach amongst others contain varied minerals, vitamins and essential acids that do not only have an important role to play in nutrition but aid in preventing the occurrence of diseases. However, cooking methods can destroy the valuable nutrients in vegetables. Most vegetables do not require intense heat but rather light cooking. In addition, some vegetables can simply cleaned and eaten raw. Vegetables provide the body with fiber, which is very important in removing waste from the body.

Fruits – Like vegetables, fruits contain varied minerals, vitamins and essential fatty acids. In addition, fruits contain healthy natural oils. Most fruits are eaten raw, which ensures that the nutrients are obtained in whole. Eating varied fruits ensures that one obtains all the vital nutrients. Tomatoes, berries, pineapples and olives amongst others are some of fruits with health benefits. Like vegetables, fruits also provide the body with necessary fiber.

Supplements – Supplements have proved very useful in the prevention, treatment and management of varied diseases and health conditions. One may however need to determine his/her supplementation requirement because different supplements are formulated differently. In addition, care is needed when purchasing supplements to avoid purchasing supplements that have not been approved.

It is very encouraging to note that most restaurants have made it a routine to prepare healthy foods for their clients who wish to eat the same. Most diseases and health conditions can simply be treated or managed by incorporating healthy foods in regular diets.

postheadericon Follow a Raw Food Diet for Clear Healthy Skin

There are many ways to keep our body skin healthy and choosing the right method depends mostly on our time and budget. Nowadays, all sorts of beauty centers appeared over night and they all charge high amounts of money for few sessions of beauty care. Moreover, many people try different diets and programs written by so-called nutritionist or body health specialists and by following a program that does not suit your body type best you can only make more problems than you already have.

3 237x300 Follow a Raw Food Diet for Clear Healthy SkinHowever, few people know that a well-chosen raw food diet can bring more benefits to our skin health than most of the beauty centers and health programs available on the market. Why to spend enormous amounts of money on expensive creams, facial masks and other products that can show you result only for small periods of time? Moreover, most of these creams are made from chemicals and solvents that will only harm your skin rather than helping it.

Having a raw food diet, you can prevent many skin diseases such as psoriasis, many types of eczema or even acne, which many people complain about. If you do not know much about raw foods, then you should know from the beginning that raw foods are living foods. This means you will have to include in your daily diet fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. These types of foods are rich in vitamins, proteins, minerals and many enzymes so necessarily for our body health. According to many studies, a raw food diet can save you from many inner diseases as well, such as arthritis, allergies, headaches, irritable bowel syndrome and many others.

If you want to start a raw food diet, then you should have in mind some useful tips that can help you choose the best products for your skin health. For instance, vegetables are indispensable for this type of diet. However, you should choose only the raw ones; carrots, turnips, kale and many others. Rich in vitamins these vegetables will keep your skin young and healthy. Same with fruits; you can choose apples, bananas, pineapples or grapes, which offer a large spectrum of health benefits not only for your skin, but for the inner organs as well. Nuts, such as almonds, pistachios, macadamia and pecans, along with seeds and roots are rich in oils and proteins that will keep your skin smooth and shine. Therefore, following a raw food diet will result in a clear healthy skin and moreover, in a great shaped and healthy body.

postheadericon Characteristics of Healthy Diet Foods

  • Different varieties of foods are available throughout the world. Because the foods contain different nutrients, you need to formulate a diet plan that incorporates different foods. By doing so, your body obtains all the requisite nutrients. The fact that different foods contain different nutrients disqualifies many foods from being considered as healthy foods.

Healthy foods have specific characteristics:

High in nutrients – Unlike other foods, healthy foods are very high in nutrients. While other foods may only have one or two vital nutrients, a single healthy food may contain varied vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, fiber and oils necessary for optimum health.

Low in calories – Healthy foods have a characteristic of having low calorie content. Some in fact have no calories. Instead of calories, they are high in other nutrients.

Whole foods – Healthy foods happen to be the whole foods available. They do not undergo any processing or contain any synthetic or preservative ingredients. Eating healthy foods means obtaining all contained nutrients.

Environmentally friendly – Healthy foods happen to be environmentally friendly. Their production requires minimal use of pesticides and fertilizer. Most are in fact grown organically.

4 300x228 Characteristics of Healthy Diet Foods

Familiarity – Healthy foods are the most familiar foods throughout the world. They are common everyday foods that you often ignore. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, herbs, natural oils are very familiar.

Universal – While other foods are specifically grown in certain regions of the world, healthy foods are universal. You are likely to find them grown and sold in different parts of the world. While varieties grown may differ, nutritional benefits remain the same.

Affordability – Most healthy foods are readily available through different seasons. In addition to this, they are very affordable. Their affordability comes from the fact that their production requires less farm inputs. Healthy foods are always available fresh.

Taste – A major characteristic of healthy foods is in their taste. Healthy foods have varied tastes. While some are bitter, others happen to be the world’s tastiest foods. Some have traditionally used as herbs in treating and managing diseases and health conditions respectively.

It is very interesting to note that most people ignore foods having the above characteristic while out shopping for food. As many people become health conscious however, this trend is bound to change. The fact that the occurrence of most diseases and health conditions is linked to foods has in fact made most people to look at their diet afresh.